Troubleshooting: SUnable to start SQL Server Service due to TCP Port is already being used

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Question: I am unable to start my SQL Server service. I found an error in my event viewer stating – Server TCP provider failed to listen on [ `any` <ipv4> 49170]. Tcp port is already in use. How can I fix this?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

The port number 49170 (in this case) is being used by another program.


You will need to change the port number that runs this SQL service to start.

1. Click on your window start button / search button and search for your SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. Click to open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

3. Browse to SQL Server Network Configuration and select Protocols for A2006 (default for AutoCount, you may select your desire instance if you had changed it during installation).

4. Double click on the TCP/IP on your right.

5. Click on the IP addresses tab for setting.

6. Scroll your mouse to the lowest, you will find the port number under TCP Dynamic Ports or TCP Port. Please change the port number to other number. (EG: 49171, 49172, 50856 etc.)

7. You can now start your SQL Service.

By: JS 180314, KM 180315, P180322

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