Troubleshooting: Tax Code DS-6 applied but not appeared in SST-02 form

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Question : I have applied Tax Code DS-6 in Purchase Invoice, but that amount is not appeared in SST-02 form (Jan-Feb) under column 13 (c)?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

The invoice is not paid or the payment is made later than current SST period (Jan-Feb).

Solution :

Go to A/P Invoice and check the payment history for this document. Double click on the A/P payment to check the knock off date.

The knock off date is 01/03/20, this means it will be shown in SST period Mar-Apr.

You may try to view SST Instant Info (Tax > SST > SST Instant Info) for Mar-Apr. The amount is shown in column 13 (c).

By : Tan 200416, Lay Swan 200427, P200428

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