Troubleshooting: CN dated Jan 2020 appears in SST Processor period Mar-Apr 2020

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Question : A Credit Note dated Jan 2020 with tax type SV-6 appears in SST Processor period Mar-Apr 2020. Why?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

CN No: CN-000001, CN Date: 05/01/2020, Tax Type: SV-6

Possible Reason :

This CN is used to knock off Invoice with SV-6 and the knock off date is within Mar-Apr 2020.

Solution :

1) Check at CN knock off detail. Knock off invoice = I-000002, knock off date = 15/04/20.

2) Double click on the Invoice I-000002, you can see this invoice was billed with tax code SV-6.

IV No: I-000002, IV Date: 15/04/2020, Tax Type: SV-6

Service Tax is recognised on Payment Basis which means SST processor will calculate the service tax only when the payment is received.

Now this CN is used to knock off invoice I-000002 (with SV-6) and knock off date is 15/04/20. It is considered as part of payment. Thus, it is shown at payment collection for Invoice : I-000002.

Remark :

And the amount of SV-6 of this CN, will be shown in SST period 01/01/20-29/02/20 because the CN is dated 05/01/20.

By : Aimi 200716, Lay Swan 200717, P200720

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