Troubleshooting: Stock Aging / Stock Movement Report – Item appears twice / item has transaction record but is not shown in the report

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Question: In stock aging, why does the same item appear twice in the report? It causes the balance quantity not tallied with stock balance report.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1

Possible Reason:

When importing the transaction, user may have keyed in different letter case or spacing for UOM compared to Item Maintenance’s UOM, thus having 2 records of UOM, such as Unit and UNIT.


1) Go to Tools > Change Code > Change Item UOM.

2) Select the item code and the UOM which has issue, then change to a new UOM.
Note: User may type in any temporary UOM. Example: test

3) Now perform Change Item UOM to the desired UOM.

4) Change Item UOM is completed.

5) Inquiry again Stock Aging, now there is only 1 record for this item which shows only 1 UOM.

Remark: different letter cases may happen to item code or location too; you may try to perform change code for item code or change code for location if change item UOM does not work.

By: Cit Ta 231101, Lay Swan 231123, P231124

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