Troubleshooting: Bank Account not appeared in Bank Reconciliation

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Question: I have created a bank account (315-0000) and with few months of transaction. When I try to do Bank Reconciliation, the Bank Account is not displayed?


Question: I have created a bank account (315-0000) with transactions, and now I realized that it was wrongly created as Special Cash Account (SCH) instead of Special Bank Account (SBK). How can I make it right?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Special Bank Account (SBK) was wrongly saved as Special Cash Account (SCH) during account creation.


1. If there is no transaction involved, just delete the Bank Account and re-create a new one; and make sure the option button of 'Bank' is selected.

2. If there are only few transactions involved, you may:
(a) Rename the current 'Bank Account' to 'Cash Account' (you must also change the name of related payment method at General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance); then
(b) Create a new Bank Account (SBK); and
(c) Edit the related transactions one-by-one and change the Payment Method to the new Bank Account.

3. If there are many transactions involved, follow the following steps:
(a) go to Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio... login to the related account book using ADMIN user ID and password.
(b) go to Tools > SQL Query

Please be aware that any mistake made in SQL Query could cause your database to corrupt, thus it is advisable to be cautious and make a backup copy of your database (account book) before this; If you are sure about the risk, click on Yes to continue:

key in the query: UPDATE GLMAST SET SPECIALACCTYPE = 'SBK' WHERE AccNo = '315-0000'

Then click on Execute,

The special account type of 315-0000 is now changed to 'SBK'.

(c) go back to AutoCount Accounting, verify the result by looking into G/L > Bank Reconciliation, the Bank Account (315-0000) should be displayed and with related transaction.

By:Peter@2013, KM 170720; P170801

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