Troubleshooting: Monthly Sales Analysis amount different from Cash Sales Listing

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Question: When I compare Monthly Sales Analysis to Cash Sales Listing report, the total amount for May’22 are not matched. Why?

  • I did not filter anything and already ticked show in Local Currency.
  • Cash Sales listing and Cash Sales Detail Listing local totals are the same.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

In footer maintenance, “Add this footer value for Sales/Purchase Analysis” is not enabled.


1) Go to General Maintenance > Footer Maintenance, edit the related footer and check the “Add this footer value for Sales/Purchase Analysis” and click on OK.

2) You may try to filter by date for both reports to compare and find out which document has caused the totals different. Once located the document, edit it and retype the footer amount and save by selecting previously used payment mode.

3) If there are too many documents, you may login AutoCount Management Studio, go to Data Consistency > Repost Sales/Purchase/Stock Transaction, filter the specific transaction date, check the Cash Sale document and check ‘Re-calculate the Net Total and Local Net Total’, then Start Repost.

4) The total in Monthly Sales Analysis will be the same as Cash Sales Listing report.

By: Park Yao 220615, Lay Swan 220627, P220629

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