Troubleshooting: Can’t view item image at client pc

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Question: I have uploaded image for stock items at server, but why can’t I view the image in client pc? Error message prompted when I click on edit or view button.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9

Possible Reason:

The item image is saved in the server pc, and the client pc has no access to it.


Create a shared folder at server PC to keep the image files. And use the shared folder path as the directory for the image path. (This method is only applicable to client PCs that have the same network path as server)

1. Create a shared folder to store the image files

  • Right click on the folder and click ‘Properties’. And then click on "Share" button.

  • Add ‘Everyone’ and click on ‘Add’. And then click on ‘Share’.

  • Click on done.

  • Now you have a shared folder. And network path to be used is...

2. Enter the network path in Stock Item Maintenance.

Remark: In the situation, whereby the client pc is not the same network as the server. User will need to have the exact folder and image that is the same path directory as the server.

By:Michelle 170728, KM 170803; P170810

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