Troubleshooting: Unable to attach suspected or corrupted database

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Question: When I tried to attach database file, the following message prompted:

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Most likely the database has been marked as ‘Suspect’ by SQL Server, thus the database file was not added to SQL Server and failed to be attached.

Why would a database status be marked as ‘Suspect’? There are many reasons could lead to this, basically it was due to inconsistency of database probably caused by power failure during writing process or hardware failure …


There is 2 ways you may attach your account books and perform DBCC checking.

Solution 1

1.1 Move the suspected database files (AED_ck2_Data.mdf and AED_ck2_Log.ldf) from C:\AutoCount Data to another location (e.g. C:\temp) …. this action is applicable only when the database has not been attached to SQL Server and currently located at C:\AutoCount Data)

1.2 Login into Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

1.3 Right click at Databases and select on New Database

1.4 Fill the database name and click on OK.

1.5 Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and stop the service of SQL Server (A2006), copy & replace the existing suspected database into C:\AutoCount Data

1.6 Start the service of SQL Server A2006.

Solution 2:

2.1 Refer to step 1.1

2.2 Create new account book using the same database file name as the suspected database (e.g. AED_ck2)

Go to File > Manage Account Book > Create Account Book, Next, Next, Next, Finish.

2.3 Refer to step 1.5

2.4 Refer to step 1.6

How to repair/rescue a Suspected database? Refer to topic Suspected Database at .

By: Peter@2013, CK 170711, KM 170920, P170920

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