Troubleshooting: Account Number was not copied from Delivery Order when transferred to Cash Sales

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Question : When I transferred from Delivery Order to Cash Sales, why was the account number not copied to Cash Sales?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

By default, system will apply the posting account for Cash Sale which is maintained at Posting Account Group / Stock Group Maintenance / GL Default Account.

Solution :

If you wish to copy the posting account from DO, you need to enable the option at Tools > Options > Invoicing > Cash Sale, check the checkbox of Copy Account No. From Delivery Order When Transfer To Cash Sale, and click on OK.

Create a Cash Sales and do transfer from Delivery Order again. Now the account number is copied to Cash Sales.

Note : Copy account from delivery order when transfer to cash sales option is only available at version and above.

By : Lay Swan 180920, P180928

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