Troubleshooting: Error when register Database Server to USB Key Server -TCP channel protocol violation

From AutoCount Resource Center

Question: When I want to register my Database Server to USB Key Server, error message “TCP channel protocol violation: expecting preamble” is shown?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Tcp violation1.png


You are using the same port numbers for USB Key Server and AutoCount Schedule Backup Server. For USB Key server, the port number should be 9560, while port number for AutoCount Schedule Backup Server should be 19500.


Make sure both port number for USB Key Server and AutoCount Schedule Backup Server is entered correctly.

1. Navigate to your Notification area and double click on the AutoCount Backup Server Monitor icon.

Client backup6.png

2. Click on Register this Database Server to USB Key and check whether the port no is 9560. Check the Server Port as well at top left of the AutoCount Backup Server Setting. Make sure the Server Port is 19500.

Tcp violation3.png

By: Michelle 171103, KM 180404, P180409

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