Troubleshooting: Year End Closing Error – Opening Balance not balance

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Question : When I perform year end closing, system prompts an error message "Error in Year End Closing after running 0 hours(s) 0 minute(s) 0 second(s) 22 millisecond(s). The following is the error message: Opening Balance not balance…".

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

Opening balance not balance.

Solution :

Go to G/L > Opening Balance Maintenance, to check whether the opening amount is balanced.

1) If not balanced, correct it and run the year end closing again.

If it’s balanced, then continue the checking with the following steps.

2) Go to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query, type select *from obalance and click on Execute.

3) Compare the listed results with the opening balance in AutoCount Accounting, find out which account is not tallied. For my example I found the account no: 500-0000 CR 2000.00 does not exist in the Opening Balance in AutoCount Accounting.

4) Go to G/L > Account Maintenance, search for this account 500-0000. And I found out that it is Sales Account, which is not supposed to exist in Opening Balance Maintenance. One possible reason is this account was first created as Balance Sheet account type, and has been maintained with a opening balance of CR2000.00; the account then moved/changed to Sales type.

5) You must remove the opening balance CR 2000.00 for this account. But before that you need to make it appear in Opening Balance Maintenance. At Account Maintenance, Drag the Sales Account to place it under Current Assets or Current Liabilities, then go to Opening Balance Maintenance to delete (empty) the amount. Go back to Account Maintenance and move the Sales Account back to Sales type.

6) Go run again year end closing and now it can be completed successfully.

By : Julee 180801, Lay Swan 180515, P180823

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