Troubleshooting: Failed to delete Foreign Currency Revaluation

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Question : When I try to delete Foreign Currency Revaluation, system prompted message “The following are new knock-off links since last Foreign Currency Revaluation. You are not allowed to delete this document.” Why and what if I want to delete this foreign currency revaluation.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

Unable to delete due to there are new knock off after creating foreign currency revaluation. And those related transactions already been posted to gain/loss account based on earlier revaluation rate.

Solution :

If you have submitted GST, you’re not advise to reset it, because it will affect your GST submission result for the GST on Realized Gain Loss.

If you really want to reset, may refer to the following steps : -

1) Go to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio > Tools > Reset Foreign Currency Revaluation.

2) Click on Start Reset, then click on Yes.

(Note : Once reset, ALL Foreign Currency Revaluation transaction will be gone.)

3) Reset successfully. You may need to re-knock off the A/R Payment, AR C/N, A/R Refund, A/P Payment, A/P C/N, A/P Refund, A/R and A/P Contra, in order to recalculate the currency gain loss amount.

By : Ju Lee 181201, Lay Swan 181219, P190102

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