Troubleshooting: How to merge currency (RM&MYR) due to contra issue

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Question: My account book is MYR currency based and I somehow created another currency code – RM (Refer to image 1). I noticed that my account book now has a mixture of MYR and RM, 2 different currency usage that is in the same currency rate which does not affects my accounts. However, when I want to perform AR & AP Contra Entry, the system does not allow me to do contra between a MYR debtor and a RM creditor (Refer to image 2). What can I do as I will need to use the contra function?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Image 1

Image 2

Possible Reason:

It is not allowable to contra the records of debtor and creditor that are in different currencies. For more info about contra, please refer to below link.

Contra Entry not allowed for different currencies


To solve this problem, you will need to merge the currency code of MYR and RM. To merge these currency code, you can go to Tools > Change Code > Change Currency Code.

1. In the change currency code function, you may select the user created currency (the currency code that you have created, Refer to image 3).

2. Type in the currency code that you wish to merge to into the “New Currency Code” (Refer to image 3).

3. check the checkbox of “Perform Merge operation instead of Change operation” (Refer to image 3).

4. Click on the “Change” button.

Image 3

5. A warning “Once merge operation is done, you cannot split back the code, do you really want to continue?” will prompt out, click on Yes.

6. Type in your password (You must have access right or else you cannot proceed) and click on OK.

7. Wait for the merging process and click on OK when the process is finished.

You can now go back to your AR & AP Contra Entry and perform the contra that you could not proceed earlier.

By: JS 180314, KM 180315, P180322

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