Troubleshooting: Cannot disable 5 cents rounding in Invoice

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Question : Why can’t I disable “5 cents rounding?” in Invoice?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

The 5 cents rounding setting for Invoice is Enforced, so you are not able to disable it unless you have the access rights to undo enforce 5 cents rounding.

Solution :

You may change the setting from “Enforce 5 cents rounding” (means compulsory rounding) to “Enable 5 cents rounding” (means enabled but not compulsory), in such way during transaction the checkbox of “5 cents rounding?” will not be checked automatically, and you need to manually check this checkbox for Invoices that need 5 cents rounding.

OR / Alternatively

Keep the setting as “Enforce 5 cents rounding”, at the same time request your Admin to add access rights for you under General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights > AutoCount Accounting > Invoicing > Sales > Invoice > Do not enforce 5 cents rounding. In such way during transaction, even though the checkbox of “5 cents rounding?” is checked automatically, you will be allowed to uncheck it for invoices that do not need 5 cents rounding.

By : Ju Lee 190301, Lay Swan 190312, P190319

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