Troubleshooting: Unable to attach Account Book from workstation

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Question: Why am I still unable to attach account book at workstation PC? I am able to ping Server computer and window firewall/Antivirus has set exception rule.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason (1):

SQL Server Browser may have stopped.

Solution (1):

Go to Windows Search and search for Services, go into Services and try to look for SQL Server Browser.

Workstation login1.png

At SQL Server Browser, right click and select ‘Start’.

Workstation login2.png

After Start, the status will change to Running, now you can try to attach account book at workstation.

Possible Reason (2):

TCP/IP was not enabled.

Solution (2):

1) Open SQL Server Configuration Manager from window search.

Workstation login3.png

2) At SQL Server Network Configuration – Protocols for A2006, at TCP/IP right click and Enable.

Workstation login4.png

Click on OK for the warning.

Workstation login5.png

3) Then go to SQL Server Services, right click on the SQL Server (A2006) and click on Restart.

Workstation login6.png

Now you can try to attach account book at workstation.

By: Ju Lee 220505, Lay Swan 220523, P220525

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