Troubleshooting: Different amount shown when drill down to the sub account

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Question: When view Ledger report, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet or Profit and Loss Statement, the amount show at the report is different with the total amount when double click to drill down to the sub account.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Most probably you have made some changes in chart of account, and resulting to have amount stored in the parent account. If your GL accounts is having parent-child relationship (multi levels), the parent account should not have any amount as it will affect the accuracy of financial reports.


1. Login into your AutoCount Accounting Management Studio.

Drill sub acc1.png

2. Go to Tools > SQL Query. System will prompt you a warning message, just click on Yes. A blank SQL Query box will be prompted.

Drill sub acc2.png

Drill sub acc3.png

3. Type the following into SQL Query Box:

Select AccNo, TransDate, Description, RefNo1, RefNo2, SourceType From GLDTL Where AccNo IN (Select ParentAccNo From GLMast).

After that click the Execute button on the top left of the windows.

You may expect 2 possible results:

If you get blank result at the lower part of the content, it means your account is good to go, there is no amount in any of your parent accounts.

Drill sub acc4.png

If you get some result at the lower part of the content, it means there is some amount in your parent account(s). You may refer to the columns to find out where and which is the affected accounts or transactions.

Drill sub acc5.png

Acc No – Affected GL accounts

Trans Date – Transaction date

Description – Just description

RefNo1 – Document Number of affected transaction

RefNo2 – Ref 2 (if you key) of affected transaction

Source Type – Source of document type such as OR or PV etc. to narrow down your search

4. If there is amount in parent account, you may look into your account book and search for that transaction and change the account number to one of its child accounts. For the example above, we know that the affected account is 905-0000 which most probably a Payment Voucher by looking at the source type with the document number of PV-000007.

Drill sub acc6.png

Drill sub acc7.png

5. After you have changed your account number, you can now get your latest financial report accurately!

Note: The following table shows a list of Source Type (document type).

Drill sub acc8.png

By:JS 170428, Jessica 170915, KM70919, P170920

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