Troubleshooting:Other Expenses Account not show in Profit & Loss Report

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Question : Why Other Expenses Account (999-9999) is not showed in Profit & Loss Report as at 01/09/18.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

It could be caused by the Other Expenses Account was created as Balance Sheet Type, so it does not appear in Profit & Loss Report.

Solution :

1) Go to G/L > Account Maintenance, find out the Account Type of Other Expenses Account (999-9999). In my case the Account type is OTHER EXPENSES.

2) Go to General Maintenance > Account Type Maintenance, select the Other Expenses Account Type, edit and change its Reporting Category from Balance Sheet Type to Profit and Loss Type.

3) Go to G/L > Profit and Loss Statement, click on Other Settings > Set Account Group, maintain the Display as Positive, Group and Level, then click on Save.

4) Preview again the Profit & Loss Statement and now the Other Expenses account (999-9999) is show.

By : Ju Lee 180901, Lay Swan 180905, P180913

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