Troubleshooting: Invoice missing from Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis Report

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Question: When I inquiry Multi-Dimensional sales analysis report, one of the invoices (I-000068) was missing. I have filtered with Date Range, the invoice date is within the range, but it is not shown?

Version: 1.8/1.9/2.0

Multi dimensional sales filter1.png

Multi dimensional sales filter2.png

Possible Reason :

There was column field being filtered. Look at each of the fields’ button, if its right top corner displays a filter symbol, it means that column field is being filtered.

Solution :

1) From the captured screen, Item Description column is being filtered.

2) Click on the filter symbol, (Show Blanks) is unchecked, The Invoice I-000068 has empty item description. Thus, it is filtered out from the result.

Multi dimensional sales filter3.png

Multi dimensional sales filter4.png

3) Try to check the checkbox of Show All, and click on OK. Then inquiry the report again. I-000068 is shown now.

Multi dimensional sales filter5.png

By : Zhi Xuan 201116, Lay Swan 201126, P201130

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