Troubleshooting: Can't edit A/R Payment after added exception

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Question: Why can't I edit A/R Payment though I have added exception under Manage Fiscal Year? There is a message promted: 'Transaction date xx-xx-xxxx is locked,...' .

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Image 1: Admin get transaction date locked message when trying to edit the A/R Payment.

Image 2: Admins User Group was added in to the Manage Exceptions for A/R Payment.

Possible Reason:

This is because A/R Payment actually is linked with Cash Book Entry.

Note: In AutoCount, every A/R Payment you have created will post into Cash Book Entry automatically.


Add the particular User or User Group into the Manage Exceptions for Cash Book Entry as well.

Now, you will be able to edit the A/R Payment as usual.

Note: Same method applies for A/P Payment.

Remarks: In AutoCount version or later, this access rights function was further enhanced, you will only need to manage exception in A/R or A/P Payment.

By: Jacky 170915, CY 170918, KM 170920, P170920

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