Troubleshooting: P&L report - Chinese character can’t be read after exported to PDF

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Question: When I preview P&L report the Chinese character can be read, but when export to PDF, it can’t be read. What should I do?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Some Font type can’t show Chinese character when exported to PDF.

Solution (1):

Change the font type to SimSun.

1) Click on Advanced Options..

2) Choose Text Styles “Heading1” > Font > Choose Font “SimSun” > OK > OK.

3) Preview again and export to PDF Format.

Extra Note:

1) If you are not sure which Text Styles to select (Heading1? Heading2?), you may choose any style, then change the Fore color.

2) From preview, you can see what the selected text style (Heading2) represents:

Solution (2):

If your computer is installed with Microsoft Print to PDF or CutePDF Software, there is no need to do anything at Advanced Options. Just click on Print, then choose Microsoft Print to PDF or CutePDF and click on Print and select the path to save.

By: Aimi 211217, Lay Swan 211228, P211229

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