Troubleshooting: In July Stock Aging Report, stock quantity is "zero" but the cost value is not "0.00"?

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Question: In July Stock Aging Report, stock quantity is "zero" but the cost value is not "0.00"?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason:

Stock item is on Weighted Average costing method and there are different purchase prices(cost) in different months. Example: In July, purchased 1 unit of item A at RM150; in August purchased another 1 unit at RM100. At this stage, average cost for this item will be RM125. When 1 unit is sold, cost of the sold item will be RM125; in July's report, purchase cost was RM150, cost of sale is RM125, and the remaining cost value of RM25 (to be deducted when the next sales occurred) will still be displayed even though the quantity of Item A at this moment is zero.

Note: Such issue happens usually when there was back date transaction.


None. When you sell off the item on next sales, your cost will be accurate with 0 balance quantity and no remaining cost. However, if you have keyed in back-dated transactions, it is recommended to run Recalculate Stock Costing, so that your transaction sequence will be rearranged.

Steps to run Recalculate Stock Costing:

1. Go to Tools > Recalculate Stock Costing.

2. Select / filter those item codes with the issue, then click Calculate.

Note: choosing "No filter" means to recalculate all items, and it will take longer time to run.

By:JS 170804, CY 170809, KM 170809, P170810

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