Troubleshooting: Tax Payable amount not tally with MYSST website submission

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Question : I figured out my value of Tax Payable is 2 cents more than the value shown in MYSST website submission. MYSST shows tax payable is RM466.70. Why there is a difference and how can I adjust in AutoCount to remove the 2 cents.

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

MYSST online submission’s tax payable calculation is based on total taxable x tax rate (4666.99x10%=466.70). Our system is counting the tax amount (sum up) from each of the documents.

Solution :

You need to clarify with the Customs to determine which amount to submit. If the Customs insists to follow MYSST calculation, then you need to do a journal entry to adjust the amount in our system so that it will tally with MYSST figure.

1) Jot down the taxable value and tax payable value

2) Delete the current SST Processor

3) Go to G/L > Journal Entry to create the journal as below : -

4) Run again the SST processor and you will get the amount tally with MYSST website.

Should the payable tax amount is lesser than MYSST figure, the journal adjustment will be:

By : Cheryl 181115, Lay Swan 181127, P181204

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