Troubleshooting: Incorrect Numbering sequence after grouping in report designer

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Question: If I do grouping in my Report Designer, my numbering will run out of order. What should I do? (Refer to Image 1)

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Grouping numbering1.png

Image 1

Possible Reason:

This happens because of the numbering is tied to each detail line in the transactions. After grouping is done, the detail line will regroup based on the grouping and thus will see the numbering goes out of order.


You can make adjustment in AutoCount Report Designer using the Summary Function. Please follow the steps below:

1. Open AutoCount Accounting Report Designer to modify the report that you have customized to grouping.

2. In the Invoice Detail band, you should have a label which bind to SG_AutoNumbering. This is the field which show the numbering of each detail line.

3. Click on the label which bind to SG_AutoNumbering (Refer to Image 2), clear and set the binding to “None”. (Refer Figure 3, 1st arrow)

4. Click on the Summary. (Refer to Image 3, 2nd arrow)

Grouping numbering2.png

Image 2

Grouping numbering3.png

Image 3

5. Set the following fields as: (Refer to Image 4)

a. Bound Field: Invoice Master: Invoice Detail: Sequence ID

b. Summary Function: Record Number

c. Summary Running: Report

Grouping numbering4.png

Image 4

6. Click on OK after setting and save your report.

7. You may now try to preview with the latest report format that you had saved. You should now able to see the correct numbering order. (Refer to Image 5)

Grouping numbering5.png

Image 5

Note: This FAQ assumes that you have some basic knowledge to access Report Designer and knows how to perform grouping.

By: JS 180221, KM 180226, P180227

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