Troubleshooting:Unable to add knock off in A/R Credit Note

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Question: I want to add knock off in A/R Credit Note, when I tick the document, there is no response. Why?

Version: 1.8/ 1.9/ 2.0

Possible Reason :

The user is not granted access right ‘Can Knock-off’ for A/R Credit Note.

Solution :

To grant this user the access rights,

1) Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights, or General Maintenance > Access Rights Maintenance (For Version 2.0).

2) Under Account Receivable > A/R Credit Note Entry > Can Knock-Off, check the checkbox of the user you wish to add this control and click on Apply.

3) You are now able to add knock off in A/R Credit Note.

  • This access right item ‘Can Knock-off’ need to be set at each document type you wish to grant such access right.

By: Benjamin 220615, Lay Swan 220627, P220628

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