Troubleshooting: SST Processor Error - Column ‘TaxableAccNo’ does not allow nulls

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Question : When I run SST Processor, the system prompts me an error – “Column ‘TaxableAccNo’ does not allow nulls” at the final step when I click “Finish”.

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

This is because your transaction contains line(s) that have no account number but description with Service Tax Code selected. This line is usually 0.00 in amount and that was why the system allowed user to save. However, when comes to SST processor, it will process every single line that had selected tax code, thus causing the empty AccNo of that line not able to be processed.

This issue already fixed in version

Solution (1) :

Please update to version and above.

Solution (2) :

If you do not wish to update your version, here there is a temporary solution.

To bypass this error, user can find out these empty AccNo lines and put in an AccNo or remove the lines if not needed.

Should you suspect there may be quite a number of transaction having the same issues, you may use query to list out those transactions.

1) Login into AutoCount Accounting Management Studio.

2) Go to Tools > SQL Query

3) A warning message will be prompt, just click “YES”

4) Copy and paste the following query into the window:

select Distinct DocNo, DocDate, SourceType from taxtrans where TaxableAccNo is null

5) You will get a result with Document Number, Document Date and Source Type for your reference.

By : Jae Sen 190130, Lay Swan 190517, P190523

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