Troubleshooting: Save Official Receipt message “There is item with ZRL tax code in this document, do you still want to save?”

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Question : When save Office Receipt, message prompted “There is item with ZRL tax code in this document, do you still want to save?”. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Zrl 1.jpg

Possible Reason :

The option of Convert ZRL to Zero Rate Tax Code is enabled, but you still select ZRL tax code in the transaction.

Zrl 2.jpg

Solution :

When this option is checked, means it will auto convert the default tax code ZRL to the assigned tax code of “Zero Rate Supply Tax Code”. Therefore, when you create transaction with ZRL tax code, system will prompt the message for confirmation, as it is contradicted with the use of Zero Rate tax code.

If confirm to use ZRL, just click on Yes and the document is saved.

If user wish to use another tax code, click on No, and re-assign the tax code.

By : Ju Lee 180802, Lay Swan 180815, P180823

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