Accounting 2.0 - How to save & load customized layouts to another account book

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Question : How to load and copy several layouts instead of going to each entry to load one by one? I wish to copy layouts from Account Book A to Account Book B.

Layout center1.png

Answer :

1) Login Account Book A, go to Tools > Layout Design Center.

Layout center2.png

2) Select a layout, and click on Save Files, then select a location path to save the layout template. If you wish to save all the layouts, select on first layout, press and hold the Shift button and select the last layout, then click on Save Files.

Layout center3.png

3) Select a location path to save, then click on OK.

Layout center4.png

4) Login Account Book B, go to Tools > Layout Design Center, click on Load Files, select the location path, and click on OK.

Layout center5.png

5) Layouts are Loaded.

Layout center6.png

6) You may click on Manage, to select and set a default layout (Is Default Layout), and click on OK.

Layout center7.png

Note: This option is available in AutoCount Version or later.

By: Tan 200814, Lay Swan 200823, P200824

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