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Question : I have generated a recurrence for Invoice, after few months some of the debtors request to terminate sales contract. To set debtors recurrence inactive, I have to change the event month by month. Is there any faster way ?

Inactive recurr1.png

Answer :

Yes. A new function called Inactive Recurrence by Acc No. is added in version Please update to AutoCount or later.

1) Go to Sales > Invoice > Others > Manage Recurrence.

Inactive recurr2.png

2) Select the recurrence and click on Edit.

Inactive recurr3.png

3) Click on Inactivate Recurrence by Acc No.

Inactive recurr4.png

And check the checkbox(s) of debtor(s) you wish to set inactive, then click on OK.

Inactive recurr5.png

4) Click on Yes to confirm inactive those selected debtors.

Inactive recurr6.png

5) Status of future recurrences for the selected debtors will show Inactive, just click on Save.

Inactive recurr7.png

By : Tan 200424, Lay Swan 200519, P200522

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