Accounting 2.1 - Government tax code not shown in report after updated to Version 2.1?

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Question: After updated to version, when preview Invoice, government tax code is not shown. Why?


In version, we have renamed tax code column from IRASTaxCode to GovtTaxCode for government tax code.

But in transaction report field, new tax field is not updated, and this causes empty government tax code in report.

This issue is fixed in version (for system report only).

After updated to this version, the field will map with GovtTaxCode. Now, the government tax code is shown.


For all user reports that created before version and if it is with government tax code field, you need to edit report and pull out the field GovtTaxCode and replace it.

By: Tian Neng 230223, Lay Swan 230223, P230224

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