Accounting 2.0 - From Document No in report does not sort ascendingly

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Question: I transferred 2 Delivery Order into 1 Invoice, when I preview the report in which I have pulled out the From Doc No in report design, the From Document No does not sort ascendingly by document number. Why?


The sorting is according to document key. The user created DO-000001, and DO-000002. But later user deleted DO-000001 and recreate it. Thus, the document key for DO-000001 is placed after DO-000002.

You can login AutoCount Accounting Management Studio, go to Tools > SQL Query, and execute the below query.

SELECT * FROM DO where docno in (‘DO-000001’,‘DO-000002’)

As you can see the DO-000002 Document Key is lower than DO-000001, so the system will show the DO-000002 first then DO-000001 after.

Usually if document numbers were created in ordinary order, this issue won’t happen.

If it happens and you wish to arrange sequence by Document Number, you will need to delete DO-000002 and recreate it.

You may also consider update to version which we have enhanced it to order by document numbers.

By: Tian Neng 230201, Lay Swan 230222, P230224

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