Accounting 2.0 - Sales: How to transfer Advanced Quotation to Sales Order

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Question: The advanced quotation status is Success, and customer has placed the order. When I try to key in Sales Order and wish to transfer from Advanced Quotation, I can’t find the button of Transfer From Advanced Quotation. Nothing shown in Transfer from Quotation too. How can I transfer Advanced Quotation to Sales Order?


The transfer function is available at Advanced Quotation grid form only. You may only make full document transfer for Advanced Quotation with ‘Success’ status.

Right click on the Advanced Quotation and select Full Transfer to new Sales Order or Delivery Order / Invoice / Cash Sales document.

New Sales Order form is open, and you may click on Save.


If the Advanced Quotation status is other than ‘Success’, right click on it will see Full Transfer is not available.

By: Park Yao 221026, Lay Swan 221026, P221027

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