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Question: After upgraded from AutoCount 1.9 to 2.0, I found that the data grid filters are different compared to version 1.9. For example, previously there was a calendar for me to filter date range, but in version 2.0 is different. How can I filter a specific date range?

Date filter in AutoCount 1.9

Date filter in AutoCount 2.0

Answer :

Version 2.0 using different DevExpress version, so the data grid filter are different.

To filter a specific date range,

1) Click on the filter icon on Date column.

2) Click into Date Filters tab and click the arrow for Specific Date Periods and select Between.

3) Click on the Calendar icon on first row and select the date (From Date).

4) Now click on second row Calander icon to set the date (To Date).

5) Then click on Close.

6) Now it shows filter date between 01/09/2022 and 30/09/2022.

7) If you wish to clear the filter, may click on Clear Filter or click on X button.

By: Tian Neng 220906, Lay Swan 220915, P220926

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