Accounting 2.0 - Sales: Where to print Item Package Sales Report?

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Question : Where can I print Item Package Sales Report?

Version : 2.0

Answer :

In version, a new report is added – Item Package Sales Report. This report allows user to view overall sales quantity for each item package by location (if any). This report is available only for package that has included Item Package Module or POS Item Package Module (for POS User).

Go to Sales > Item Package Sales Report

There are some filters and options provided for this report :

Filter Options : Allows users to perform some basic filtering.
Document Options : Allows users to select what document types to include when processing report.
Report Options : Standard report options to show criteria in printout report.

Note : This report is only available in AutoCount Version or above.

By : Aimi 200416, Lay Swan 200422, P200428

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