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Question : I want to edit the Description in A/R Debit Note, but the system does not allow as this document was posted from other source (Debit Note). When I try to edit Debit Note, I can’t find the Description column. Where can I find the Description column?

Method 1:

1) Right click and select for Use Tabbed Layout.

2) Click on More Header.

3) Then you can edit the Description from here and click on Save.

4) Now the description at A/R Debit Note is changed.

Method 2:

1) Right click and select for Customize Layout

2) Drag out the Description column from Hidden Items.

3) Close the customization screen.

4) Now you may edit the Description and click on Save icon.

5) If you wish to save this layout, then right click and select for Save Layout and named a layout name.

By : Cheryl 190220, Lay Swan 190221, P190226

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