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Question : I have multiple stock locations. I need to maintain stock level for reorder advice report to show by location. How can I do it?

Answer :

In version or later, there is a function called “Item Level by Location Maintenance”. To use this function, Multi-Location module is required.

Go to Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item Level by Location Maintenance.

Click on Edit button to key in stock level qty.

If you wish to key in only reorder level & reorder qty, check the checkbox of Show Reorder Info option.

Default screen

The screen will look like this if Show Reorder Info is checked:

Key in Qty according to locations & Save.

Use Delete button to remove selected non-relevant records.

In Reorder Advice report, you may opt to show stock level of different locations by checking the By Location checkbox.

By : Tan 200608, Lay Swan 200618, P200619

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