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Question : In AutoCount 2.0 report design, when I use keyboard arrow key to move a label, it will jump according to certain lines controls, unlike AutoCount 1.9 which is a single step move when press on arrow key. How do I get back to AutoCount 1.9 movement control?

Answer (1) :

You need to turn off the snapping mode function.

1) Go to Tools > Current User Settings.

2) Enable “Snapping Mode to None” and click on OK.

Check this option to allow system to change the default property of Snapping Mode to None whenever user opens Report Designer.

Currently this setting is by device, means it will only affect the current device that set this option only.

Note : This Option to set Snapping Mode to None (Current User Settings) only available in AutoCount Accounting version and above. If you are using an earlier version, you need to set the snapping mode to None for every report. Else you may refer to Answer (2).

Answer (2) :

You may use the “CTRL” button together with keyboard arrow key to move, it will be on single step movement.

By : Aimi 200312, Lay Swan 200319, P200320

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