AR: Unable to edit AR Credit Note description

Question: I was trying to edit description for AR credit note, when I click edit, it prompts ‘This C/N is posted from Sales, you are allowed to do knock off only, do you still want to edit’. After I click Yes, the description is greyed, I couldn’t edit it. What should I do?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer (1):

Go to Sales > Credit Note to edit Credit Note description at More Header.

You may refer to the below link for how to show tabbed layout.

Accounting 2.0 - Sales: How can I use back the old style layout for Sales document

Accounting 2.0 - How to switch all document layouts to Tabbed Layout instead of setting them one by one

After save, go view from AR Credit Note, the description is updated.

Answer (2):

If you do not wish to edit from Sales Credit Note, you may enable the below option. Go to Tools > Option > A/R & A/P >Aging and Statement > enable Allow Edit or Delete A/R and A/P Documents Posted From Other Source.

Now, you can directly edit description for AR Credit Note.

By: Park Yao 230220, Lay Swan 230223, P230224

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