AR: What is the meaning of MTDSPA in Debtor/Creditor Aging Report?

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Question: What is MTDSPA in Debtor/Creditor Aging Report? How is the amount calculated?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


MTDSPA means month-to-date sales (Debtor Aging), and month-to-date purchases (Creditor Aging), as at report inquiry date.

For example, aging report inquiry date 14/02/2023, MTDSPA shows sales/purchases in the month of February as at 14/02/2023.

To see how this amount is derived, go to AR Invoice (or AP Invoice), filter the selected debtor/creditor, and filter the date range from 01/02/2023 to 14/02/2023. The sum of Amount column is MTDSPA.

By: Jodie 230303, Lay Swan 230315, P230320

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