Accounting 2.0 - Stock: Price 2 reverts to zero after keyed in price

Question: I tried to edit a stock item and key in Price 2, but the Price 2 reverts to zero upon pressing enter or clicking another column. Why?

Version: 2.0 / 2.1

Possible Reason:

You have enabled ‘Auto Calculate Multi Pricing in Item Maintenance’ in Options setting.
This option will help you auto calculate the Selling Price – Price 1 from standard cost with markup %. The Price 2 to Price 6 will calculate by markdown % based on Price 1.
Currently you did not key in value for Price 1, so Price 2 will revert to zero.


If you do not wish the price to be auto calculated, just disable the function ‘Auto Calculate Multi Pricing in Item Maintenance’ at Tools > Options > Stock > General Stock Setting 2, then click on OK.

You may try to key in Price 2, Price 3, and the figure will be saved after keyed in.

Alternatively, if you still want to use ‘Auto Calculate Multi Pricing in Item Maintenance’, you must key in (or set) Price 1, then you will be able to key in (or set) Price 2, Price 3…

By: Park Yao 231023, Lay Swan 231024, P231025

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