AutoCount Stock Control Troubleshooting: Invalid code error when scan item

Question : When I use the handheld device to scan item, error message prompted ‘Invalid code [TEST123]’. Why?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Possible Reason :

New item code was added or item code was changed but was not synchronized to stock control.exe in stock handheld device.

Solution :

1) From the stock handheld device, open stock control, then click on Scan.

2) Click on Synchronization.

3) Click on Sync.

4) After successfully synced, close the menu to reload Main Settings. Click on OK and Close. Then exit stock control.

5) Re-open stock control, try to scan the item again. Now you should able to get the result after scanned.

Note : Please seek assistance from your software dealer if the problem still persists after performing the suggested steps.

By : Jia Zheng 200312, Lay Swan 200312, P200313

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