Begin AutoCount Accounting Integration via AOTG API

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Steps to setup account with AOTG API

  1. Setup AutoCount Accounting and create an account book
    • This account book will be used for development testing between AOTG Cloud Server and local server.
    Download Accounting page
  2. Download and setup AOTG Client
  3. Register AOTG account
Before register, decide which AutoCount Accounting account book will be used for the development test.

Activate AutoCount Accounting Account Book with AOTG Server

  1. Activate Account Book in AOTG Client
    • See Activate account book
      • Account book is required to be activated by AOTG admistrator in order for the linking between AOTG Cloud Server and AutoCount Accounting Account Book resides at local server.
      • After successful activation of this account book with AOTG, an API Key is generated.
  2. Following topic shows how to retrieve AOTG API Key.
    • API Key and AOTG User Login are required to obtain AccessToken, in order to gain access to AOTG API.
    View AOTG API Authenticate on how to obtain AccessToken.

Retrieve AOTG API Key

AOTG API Key is essential for authentication to access AOTG API on the cloud server.
It can be obtained at the AOTG Cloud Server.

  1. Login to AOTG Online
  2. Go to AOTG Subscription page
    Click the Account Setting icon at the top right
    Select AOTG Subscription
    It opens a new browser tab and direct to AOTG Subscription page.
  3. Retrieve API Key
    On the left panel, click My Subscription
    Click the tab ACCOUNT BOOK(S)
    • If there is no account book listed in ACCOUNT BOOK(S) page, check AOTG Client at local server,
      and confirm whether at least one account book has been successfully registered.
    While at the page of account book, click the icon of View record
    • Note down the API Key displayed on Account Book Details.


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