Introduction to AOTG API

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AOTG API is designed and developed for online developers to integrate with AutoCount Accounting via RESTful API.
It provides Web API methods call to create, update, delete and get data of AutoCount Accounting.

AOTG Web API reference

Available AOTG (Web) API for AutoCount Accounting / POS is maintained at this site.

Diagram of AOTG API

This diagram shows the client computer initiates HTTP methods call/request (GET, POST, PUT or DELETE) to the AOTG Server.
The request is then retrieved by AOTG Client that is a web service installed at a main computer where the AutoCount Accounting server is.
AOTG Client acts as a correspondent between AutoCount Accounting Server and AOTG Server.

See Begin AutoCount Accounting Integration via AOTG API to get the download link.


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