Cloud Payroll - I have keyed in the Claim in Adhoc, but there is no employee eligible for Claim processor

Question : I have keyed in the Claim in Adhoc ( Image 1), but when run payroll process, it shows ‘There is no employee eligible for Claim processor at October 2022’ ( Image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

Possible Reason :

Payroll Type is wrongly selected, or you are not running the process of matching payroll type.

Solution :

1) Go to Payroll > Adhoc Payroll Items.

2) Look into the created Claim transaction and click Edit icon.

3) Carefully observe the Payroll Type selected here. An Adhoc Claim can choose its Payroll Type either First Half, Month End or Claim, which means in which type of Payroll Process it will fall into.

If Payroll Type (Month End) is selected here, it means this Adhoc Claim will only appear when running Payroll Process of Month End, it will not appear when you run Payroll Process of Claim.

4) If you wish to process this Adhoc Claim in Payroll Process (Claim) instead of Payroll Process (Month End), then the Payroll Type selected here must be Claim type.

5) In this case, change the payroll type to Claim, click Save. Then re-run payroll process for Claim.

Prepared by Azirah 221014, P221027

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