GL: Cash Flow Statement - How to know details of trade debtor

Question : In Cash Flow Statement, there is an amount of Trade Debtors. How can I know the amount is from which debtor?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

For users who are using version or later / version or later, you may double click on the amount to drill down to the source of the amount.

For users who are using version earlier than or, have to update your AutoCount version in order to drill down to the source.

If you do not wish to update version, here is a temporary solution.

Go to G/L > Receipt and Payment Report, filter date range for current year, check all the bank/cash account, then click on Inquiry.

The result will be the same as Cash Flow Statement.

You may check ‘Display Trade Debtor in Details’ and ‘Display Trade Creditor in Details’, then click on Inquiry.

Now the result shown are debtors and creditors in details.

By : Aimi 200416, Lay Swan 200422, P200428

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