GL: How to change ledger posting description

Question : Can I show the document description instead of detailed description in ledger report when I inquiry for the Sales Account? How can I change it?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Yes, there is a setting in Options.

1) Go to Tools > Options > G/L > G/L Posting. Look into ‘Post to Detail Account in A/R Invoice, D/N, C/N’, change it from Post Detail Description to Post Document Description, then click on OK.

2) Edit the A/R Invoice I-000006, make some changes and Save.
Then inquiry again the ledger report. Now the Desc is shown is Document Description.

Remarks :

If you have many transactions that need to be reposted. You may log in to AutoCount Accounting 1.9 Management Studio (may search from Windows search and must login using Admin user) to run repost. (However before doing this you are advised to perform data backup.)

Then go to Data Consistency > Repost GL / AR / AP Transactions, filter date and check the checkboxes of documents to repost, then click Start Repost.

By : Michelle 200414, Lay Swan 200414, P200416

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