GL: How to merge account code

Question: I have 2 expenses account that I wish to merge them together. How can I merge them in AutoCount Accounting?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


1. Let say we have 2 expense accounts – 915-000 and 915-100 (Refer Image 1).

Image 1

2. Go to Tools > Change Code > Change Account Number. A small window will prompt for you to perform change code.

3. Check the checkbox of “Perform merge operation instead of Change operation”.

4. Click on the “+” button to add account.

5. For the column “Account No.”, select the account which you wish to merge. This account number is the one you wish to remove after merged. (Refer Image 2)

6. For the “New Account No”, select the account which you wish to merge with the account selected in “Account No”. This account number is the one you wish to remain after merged. (Refer Image 2)

Image 2

7. Click on the “Change” button after selection have been done.

8. A warning message will prompt to double confirm your selection as reversing this action is not possible.

9. Password authentication will be prompted. Type your password.

10. If success, a message “Change account number completed” successfully will be prompt.

11. You can check your Ledger and will find the figure of the related account have been merged.

By: Jae Sen 171013, KM 171016, P171020

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