More Function:Out Of Stock

Allow you to define the stock as currently / temporary out of stock for a period of time.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Settings button.

3.Hit on Out Of Stock button.

4.Out Of Stock screen will show up.

5.Filter the date and the items that you want to define as out of stock.

6.Hit on Add button.

7.The items will be added into the out of stock item list.

8.To remove the item added previously, select the item and then hit on Delete button.

9.Tick Show All Out Of Stock Items will display all out of stock items created from frontend and backend.

10.After you added Out Of Stock Items, you will see there is a strikethrough line above the food from the menu.

11.If you try to select the out of stock items, you will be notified that this item is currently out of stock, hit on OK button to close this message.

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