Point of Sale > POS Setting

This function allows user to manage Posting settings as well as to allow user to 'Clear All Transactions' and 'Clear All Testing Transactions'.

Use AR Invoice Doc No (POS Doc No): This option is use when the user wants to use AR Invoice Document Number credit sales transaction from the POS Front End.
Post to separate payment Number: Transaction post to separate payment number
Calculate GST for Bank Charge: Tick this checkbox if all the bank charges of cheque paid in POS consist GST.
Use Goods In Transit: Tick if user want to use Goods In Transit function.
POS Posting Number format: Indicates the numbering format after you had made posting of POS transactions into GL Cash Book through POS Posting function.
Clear All Transactions: Delete all POS transactions.
Clear All Testing Transactions: Delete all POS transactions that is marked as Testing.

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