Payroll: Administrator vs Payroll Executive vs Data Entry Clerk

Question: What are the differences of access rights between the Administrator, Payroll Executive and Data Entry Clerk in payroll?


1) Administrator: Full Access (Full Control) to payroll system.

2) Payroll Executive: Unable to perform the following tasks only: -

a) Access to User Maintenance.

b) Change Contribution Setting, Overtime Setting

c) Add, Delete and Create Payroll database.

d) Purge and lock database.

3) Data Entry Clerk: Only can perform the following tasks only: -

a) Able to open past payroll transaction to enter the payroll data, but unable to view Salary / EPF / Socso / EIS / PCB amount of the employee record.

b) Maintain leave application & Leave inquiry

By: Lay Swan 180327, KM 180328, P180403

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