Pos3/5/FNB: Different Outstanding Document Numbering When Create AR Payment in POS

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Question :

When I create AR Payment in POS, two type of document numbering format come out where I-xxxxxx and CSxxxxxx is posted from Autocount Accounting.


When I go to A/R Invoice in Autocount Accounting, it showed the description is posted from POS.


Why some of the document numbering is following POS, but some is following Autocount Accounting even I create the credit sales in POS?

Possible Reason :

You have checked the box of using AR invoice Doc No (POS Doc No) in the Back End Settings.

This setting will cause your POS document posted by using AR invoice Doc No. So when you create AR payment, the system will drag out 2 types of document numbering format

Solution :

Go to Point of Sales > POS settings uncheck the box.


By: CK 20200323, Jacky 20200324 [000030]

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